About Seasons of Eating

by yuksel

Once upon a time in Uzuncakum

Giresun Uzuncakum Mahallesi

Uzuncakum Mahallesi / Giresun Turkiye (Turkey). Bu potograph (Mistik) Mustafa Serdaroglu tarafindan cekilmistir.

The stress of our daily life starts with food; having to feed everyone if you have a decent size family going out is not an option all the time because it could cost you an arm and a leg. Planning is essential to feed everyone, hoping that there are no food allergies, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and goes on.

While trying to keep up with our busy lives, we often skip eating the right food. Instead, we pull into the closest drive-thru window to grab a bite. For this reason, there are so many fast-food restaurants available. They saw the need for a quick food source and a lot of profits to be made and took advantage of it. I am not saying you should never go out to eat by any means. Many great restaurants around us offer decent meal options, but how often can we go out to eat? Financially it would be too much of a burn to handle.

Food Culture Black Sea Region Giresun Turkey

Our story starts in a small village called Uzuncakum. I grew up in the North Black sea region of Turkey small City called Giresun. Food has always have been part of our daily life. My mother always had a little garden. She grew countless fresh green vegetables years around. It was a food source for the whole family as well as a small income. Growing up in this little city is around small farms. Mountains surrounding the Black Sea Regions Area create geographical challenges for growing foods. But this never seemed to be an issue. Locals turned every available piece of flat land into a garden. Farming, one of the main economic ecosystems, provided food and income. Food is part of our cultural heritage kids learn young at age, working on the farm, learning how to cook at home, and get them ready for adulthood. Some they will be doing all that to take care of their family. I was very fortunate to learn cooking from my mother and learned about farming ignite my passion for cooking and passing it on to others who are willing to learn the cooking style.

Small neighborhoods over the hills of the Black Sea

Seasons of Eating.Com

Our mission is to promote healthy eating-home cooking and teach how to plan meals for days. Lighten up a load of our current situation. Since most of us have to work from home, there is no better time to learn new skills while enjoying home-cooked meals. Trust me, and it’s more delicious and mouth-watering. The best part it’s better for you and your loved ones because you know what’s in it.

The benefits of home cooking also financially very feasible. As you learn more about home cooking, you will also learn about budgeting without compromising the food quality and taste. I know it’s all sounds great. Where to start? If you have come this far, you have already decided to start cooking and changing your life for the better and healthier for good.

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